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When it comes to concrete, sand and gravel - we know a thing or two. Review our products below to see which one is just right for your next project. Whether you're building a new home or business, or simply updating your garden - we've got you covered.

What is Cement?

Cement is a fine powder that is the principal strength-giving and property-controlling component of concrete. People often confuse cement with concrete. Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates, and water that hardens to form a building material used for everything from sidewalks, homes, roads, bridges, dams, and skyscrapers. Cement is to concrete as flour is to cake. Concrete is second only to water as the most consumed substance on Earth, with almost one ton of it being used for each human every year.


Desired Properties of Concrete

The concrete mix is workable. It can be placed and consolidated properly by yourself or your workmen.

Desired qualities of the hardened concrete are met. For example, resistance to freezing and thawing and deicing chemicals, water-tightness (low permeability), wear resistance, and strength. It’s important to know what you are trying to achieve with the concrete.

Economy. Since the quality depends mainly on the water to cement ratio, the water requirement should be minimized to reduce the cement requirement (and thus reduce the cost).

Take These Steps To Reduce the Water/ Cement Ratio

  1. Use the stiffest mix possible.
  2. Use the largest size aggregate practical for the job.
  3. Use the optimum ratio of fine to coarse aggregate.

Discuss how to achieve your goals for the concrete with us.

The following are the standard mix designs for concrete

  • 17.5 MPa
  • 20 MPa
  • 25 MPa
  • 27.5 MPa
  • 30 MPa
  • 32 MPa
  • 35 MPa

When it comes to concrete, we’ve got you covered. Finding the right type of concrete to satisfy your specific needs is what we do. We offer two main types.

GU is used for those applications where the concrete doesn't come into contact with the natural soils. Floor slabs, driveways, sidewalks, etc.

GU-Type 10

SR has a sulfate resistance blended into the cement and allows the concrete to resist sulfate attacks. Common applications include: footings, piles, grade beams, etc. Basically any application where the concrete would be in contact with the soil directly. You can use an SR concrete in the same applications as the GU concrete as well.

SR-Type 50


Fillcrete is a flowable backfill material that can be used in areas where 100% compaction is required, but is hard to obtain by mechanical means (ex. Sinkholes, under footings and slabs in hard to reach places). It is also commonly used as a backfill material around underground pipelines and cables. Fillcrete mixes do not have any rock in them, and are typically poured with a higher slump than conventional concrete for easier workability. We have 3 Fillcrete mix designs:

  • Flowable Fillcrete (~1 MPA)
  • 2.5 MPA Fillcrete
  • 5.0 MPA Fillcrete

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Concrete Lego Blocks

Border City Concrete carries 2 different sizes of stackable concrete lego blocks, with various finishes. Concrete blocks can be used for retaining walls, barricades, etc.

  • Large Concrete Lego Blocks (5′ long x 2.5′ tall x 2.5′ wide)
  • Small Concrete Lego Blocks (2.5′ long x 2.5′ tall x 2.5′ wide)

These two sizes are available in regular concrete or a decorative rock face design.

These blocks weigh 4,000 lbs each and work well for larger projects as they are able to cover more area.

Large Concrete Lego Blocks

These blocks weigh 2,000 lbs each, and work well in conjunction with the larger blocks or for smaller projects.

Small Concrete Lego Block

When aesthetics matter. These blocks come in the same two sizes but with a decorative rock face design.

Rock Face Lego Blocks

Jersey Barriers

These are typically used in commercial applications for parking, barricades, dividers, etc. They are designed with safety, security and stability in mind. With various sizes available, you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your next project.

  • 10′ Block (5,000 lbs each)
  • 8′ Block (4,000 lbs each)

Weighing 4,000 - 5,000 lbs each, these blocks are perfect for your next project.

Jersey Barriers

Gravel, Screened Rock & Crushed Rock

Crushers Sand & Gravel has you covered with this one. We have a variety of crushed gravel to fit your projects needs. Review our products below to determine which one is right for you.

This is a 3/8" crushed material. It packs well and is ideally used underneath concrete to prepare the concrete pad. It's also great for underneath stepping-stone walkways as it acts as a base.

3/8" Screenings

This product is used as a top gravel for roads and/or parking lots. Typically you would see this product on a county road, and many back-alley's around town.

3/4 - 1" Crushed Gravel

This size is ideal for building a base for your new driveway or road. Used typically for larger traffic such as a new lease road or driveway.

2" Crushed Gravel

This material is used as a base gravel for new roads and/or parking lots.

3" Crushed Gravel

This is base gravel when building parking lots, roadways, or for those really wet areas that require a heavy fill.

5" Crushed Gravel

This is 1/2" natural screened rock referred to as Pea Rock or Pea Gravel. It is used as a landscaping rock, typically for fire pits and gardens paths. This product is also used in exposed concrete.

Pea Rock

This product is used as a landscaping material and is used in septic fields.

1 - 4" Screened Rock

5" to 8" of screened rock. Ideal to be placed around culverts, drains, and washout areas to prevent erosion.

Rip Rap

A 20mm or 3/4" rock used in the manufacture of concrete (redi-mix); it can also be used as a small landscaping rock.

Concrete Rock

This is a 1 1/2" rock (and smaller) and is typically used as a drainage rock. It is placed around the footings (overtop of your weeping tile pipe) to allow drainage around your home. It is also used as a landscaping rock and can be seen commonly between homes as an RV pad.

Weeping Tile Rock


Crusher’s Sand and Gravel—need I say more? We have a variety of top-notch products that will help you get the job done. Looking for someone to sand the roads or parking lots for you? Look no further. We can help you with that.

You might know this better as 'beach sand' and is ideal for sand boxes! If you have small children, this is the sand you want. It's also great for pool or pond linings, underneath stepping-stone walkways, or to be placed around pipelines.

Bedding Sand

This sand is used in our concrete mix. This is a very clean, dirt-free material.

Concrete Sand

This is typically used for sanding streets and roadways in the winter. This is a clean sand that does not pack easily.

Premium Blend Sand

Now that you know which product is right for you—let’s see how much you’ll need! Check out our trusty calculator. It’ll help you determine the right quantity to order for any sized job! Still unsure? Give us a call. We’d love to help you find the perfect product for your specific job.